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As quoted by WAM (West Australian Music), "Tashi might be something of a phenom.” She has been composing, producing, recording and performing music since a young age. She writes and co-ordinates music for theatre productions, film scores and short promotion videos as well as her own records. 

Her music has been described as the type that makes you want to get up and clean the house, with it's “notoriously addictive hooks, strong folky vocals and reggae-ish offbeats”. She performs as a soloist, yet in recordings plays and layers guitar, drums, bass, piano, violin, percussion and vocals to create the sound of a full band.​

As an award winning photographer and filmmaker, Tashi further immerses herself in the creative process by creating her own music videos, promotional material and self managed tours.

"When I grow up I want to be like you."

Danielle Caruana

Mama Kin, Musician

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